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Podcasting’s Key Statistics For 2022

The Infinite Dial 2022, from Edison Research, Wondery, and ART19, debuted on Wednesday, March 23 at Podcast Movement Evolutions in Los Angeles. A significant part of the Infinite Dial report is the current state of podcasting. The audience for podcasting was impacted by pandemic-related shifts in media consumption. The following recap of the key podcasting […]

Edison Research Announces the Top 10 Most Recalled Brands in Podcasting for Q1 2021

Edison Research announces the top ten most recalled brands in podcasting for Q1 2021, taken from the Podcast Consumer Tracker, the company’s comprehensive podcast research service. The list is part of an expanding brand tracking function of this widely-subscribed service. “The Podcast Consumer Tracker is the only service that measures the entire space from the […]

Podcast Brand Lift Studies

To gauge the efficacy of podcast advertising, Edison adopts three different strategies, depending on the most applicable circumstances. We have extensive experience with all three and all of our work is custom—a true partnership between Edison, the advertiser, and (where relevant) the agency. We work with all stakeholders to craft a questionnaire to achieve the […]