Consumer Surveys

Consumer Surveys

In today’s business environment, decisions require the best information. While businesses often have access to all manner of clickstream and social measures, often you need to get directly into the thoughts and opinions of your customers and potential customers to truly understand. Edison’s rigorous research methods guide better decisions.

aerial of crowd crossing crosswalk
aerial of crowd crossing crosswalk

Edison’s research is the link for businesses to understand the attitudes and behaviors of their target customers

The essence of business leadership is decision-making. While there are many elements that inform an important judgement, nothing matters more than understanding your current customers and your target audience. Edison Research has performed thousands of consumer research studies in countries throughout the world, connecting business leaders to the target population. While high-quality, rigorous methods are always required, we pride ourselves in taking the information collected and providing clear-sighted, actionable insights to allow businesses to make confident, data-driven decisions.

Global experience, local insights

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Edison Research has more than two decades of experience managing projects in countries around the world. In some areas, projects must be adapted beyond language translation in order to reach the target audiences and gather candid insights.


Conducting research in the Middle East and Africa in particular have notable differences from comparable projects in the U.S. or Europe. Below is a brief FAQ on how Edison uses our skills and methodology to conduct projects successfully in these locations.

Research in the Middle East and Africa

How do research procedures in the Middle East and Africa different than in the rest of the world?

Face to face research, often in people’s homes but also in public locations, is the most common methodology for conducing statistically reliable research in the Middle East and Africa. While telephone research is prevalent in the United States and Europe, varying levels of phone penetration and other cultural issues in the Middle East and Africa often make this method less reliable. Online research is used less often for public opinion or market research studies with the lack of reliable online panels and lower online penetration among the population being the primary reasons. However, phone and online surveys are a viable methods for some business to business studies and executive interviews, or for consumer studies where the client provides contact information for potential respondents.

How do Edison’s Out of Home Research skills translate in the Middle East and Africa?

Edison is a leading provider of consumer face-to-face research around the World and has conducted studies in almost every imaginable venue. Edison Research has conducted commercial research at locations including sporting events, movie theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, airports, cruise ships, office buildings, conventions and conferences, train and bus stations, museums, and medical centers. While, the ability to conduct research at specific types of locations depends on many factors including permission issues and local customs, Edison’s consumer research in the Middle East and Africa continues to grow.

What types of research studies are conducted in the Middle East and Africa?

Edison Research conducts both qualitative and quantitative research in the Middle East and Africa. For commercial clients, Edison provides market need and competitive environment studies. For government client and NGOs, Edison conducts public opinion research studies on social and political topics. One specialty is working for media clients including television, radio and social media companies. These studies include content testing and audience research.

Are election exit polls possible in the Middle East and Africa?

Edison Research has conducted surveys in many challenging research environments including Venezuela, Azerbaijan and The Republic of Georgia. While each country is different and requires different strategies, we have demonstrated that our procedures and statistical models work all around the World. Our recent experience in Iraq has opened up a whole new region for election exit polling. Partnering with a local NGO (EIN of Iraq), Edison successfully completed Iraq’s first exit poll on April 30, 2014 for the Parliamentary Election. The exit poll was conducted at 324 polling locations among 61,667 voters. Edison provided an estimate on seat allocation on election night, correctly predicting the order of finish. Exit polling provide election analysis for media clients or act as a mechanism to help validate the propriety of election results. Edison looks forward to bringing this important methodology to other countries in the Middle East and Africa.

How can Edison Research conduct research in so many countries when its headquarters are in the United States?

Edison has worked hard over the past twenty years to identify a strong network of research partners around the world. We have sought out partners who share our deep commitment to data quality and research integrity. Edison staff has met with and trained most local partners in person to insure each is following our quality check procedures.. These research partners provide local staff as interviewers and supervisors, and work as a team with Edison Staff to navigate local customs and challenges.

What are Edison’s quality control procedures for research in the Middle East and Africa?

Edison employs thorough training and quality check procedures for all its studies in the region. In-person, video and teleconferencing are used to continually keep clear lines of communications open and to ensure proper management of the process from start to finish. Daily progress reports are sent to Edison and survey data is sent regularly to Edison throughout the project (not just at the end) so that quality can be judged while the survey is in progress