Share of Ear®

The only quarterly audio measurement service in the U.S. tracking all listening platforms since 2014

Share of Ear® tracks listening to AM/FM, streaming, podcasts, owned music, YouTube, SiriusXM, audiobooks, and music channels on television, in any location and on any device.

Share of Ear® is a quarterly subscriber-based audio listening diary survey that measures all audio respondents listen to during a 24-hour period. We learn what Americans age 13+ listening to, how much they listen and when, where they listen, and on what device they listen. We also learn consumer characteristics such as what model year car they drive and to what political party they belong. We have been conducting this study since 2014, and brands like Westwood One, Audacy, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, and Apple rely on Share of Ear® data to keep up with Americans’ audio habits.

Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights Officer

Westwood One

“Share of Ear provides the definitive and authoritative understanding of how Americans consume audio. If you are a brand, agency, or content producer, this is one of the most useful and actionable resources you can access!”

Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights Officer

Westwood One

Nicholaus Tzineff, Director Audio Research

ESPN, Inc.

“Edison’s Share of Ear research provides valuable cross platform insights that help me paint a total audience picture using key metrics that resonate in the marketplace.”

Nicholaus Tzineff, Director Audio Research

ESPN, Inc.

Milestones recorded by Share of Ear®


Share of Ear debuts; AM/FM radio listening accounts for half of all daily audio consumption in the U.S.


Listening on voice-enabled speakers is tracked; accounts for 2% of all daily listening


Share of daily audio listening at home increases 18% year-over-year due to COVID-19 quarantine measures

The share of all AM/FM radio listening in the U.S. done via radio station streams hits double digits at 11%, while 89% of listening continues to be to traditional, over-the-air radio signals


25% of daily audio content consumed by Americans age 13+ is spoken word; 75% is music

Among those age 18-34, 50% of all daily listening is to ad-free audio

Americans spend more time with audio on mobile devices than on radios


Podcasts account for 10% of all daily time spent with audio

Americans spend more time listening to on-demand audio sources than to linear audio sources

Linear audio still rules in-car listening with 76% of total in-car audio time going to linear platforms

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Share of Ear Audio Dial™

One of the many questions answered by the Share of Ear® study from Edison Research is, “What percent of daily listening time do those in the U.S. age 13+ spend with various audio sources?”

The answers can be found in the Share of Ear Audio Dial™, updated below with the most recent data from the Q4 2023 survey.

Share of Ear® Answers:

Share of Ear® Answers:

  • What audio platforms are people using?
  • What time of day do they listen?
  • Where are they listening?
  • What devices are they using to listen?
  • What kind of content are they listening to?

What You’ll Get:

What You’ll Get:

  • Quarterly updates
  • Fully interactive sortable dashboard
  • Data on all major streaming companies
  • Access to complete dataset
  • Data trends since 2014


What is Share of Ear?

Share of Ear is a syndicated quarterly dataset created by Edison Research that measures all daily audio consumption in the U.S. It has been published since 2014. 

What makes Share of Ear unique?

Share of Ear is survey data, not download data or subscriber data. While individual audio sources have their own measures, Share of Ear surveys listeners to capture ALL of their daily listening in one dataset, providing a level playing field for all audio sources. It is the only audio survey in the U.S. to provide analysis of all audio consumption.

How is the data collected?

Each quarter, 1,000 respondents age 13+ are surveyed using a one-day listening diary. The majority of respondents use an online diary, but some use a paper diary. Respondents self-report listening details for every 15-minute period of time for 24 hours.

What aspects of audio consumption does Share of Ear measure?

Listening behavior includes all audio sources: AM/FM radio and radio streams, podcasts, streaming music, YouTube for music, owned music, audiobooks, SiriusXM, TV music channels, and other audio sources. Listening location is measured and includes: at home, in car, at work, and other. Listening device as well as headphone usage, and many other measures, are included. 

Does Share of Ear offer data on listener demographics?

Yes, listener age, gender, income, employment status, and presence of children are measured.

Does Share of ear offer data on other types of listener behavior?

Other variables in the dataset include model year of primary car, political party, premium audio subscription status, presence of smart speakers, and more.

How do subscribers access Share of Ear data?

Online Tableau interface includes access to Share, Reach, Minutes, and Trending dashboards. Trending data from 2014 is included for subscribers. Custom reports are available on request. 

How do I acquire the Share of Ear quarterly deck?

The Quarterly Overview Deck highlighting most recent data is emailed to subscribers after new data is released.  

What types of businesses find Share of Ear useful?

Subscribers include financial firms, broadcast companies, podcast networks, multimedia organizations, and those who have specific interest in the audio landscape in the U.S.  

Is Share of Ear only in the U.S.?

Yes, as of now Share of Ear is only available in the U.S.

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