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Radio Listener Profiles: An Infinite Dial Report

Radio listeners in the U.S. can’t be characterized as a monolith as each format has listeners with different audio behaviors. New, format-specific findings on radio listeners were released today in the webinar “Radio Format Profiles: An Infinite Dial® Study” presented by Laura Ivey, Director of Research at Edison Research. Data from The Infinite Dial®, an […]

Listening Habits During Quarantine: A Share of Ear Report

  There have been some marked changes in podcast listening in the U.S. during quarantine as commutes have been reduced and digital audio consumption has risen. Download Podcast Listening During Quarantine: A Share of Ear® Report Tom Webster, Edison Research SVP, presented a 15-minute update on the overall listener landscape, with specific focus on podcast […]

The Top 30 U.S. Podcasts According to the Podcast Consumer Tracker

Edison Research announces the U.S. Top 30 Podcast ranker from its subscription product, the Podcast Consumer Tracker (PCT). The PCT is the only comprehensive and all-inclusive study of the reach of podcast networks and shows in America. The Joe Rogan Experience continues to be the number one podcast in America as it has been since […]

Edison Research’s Ask Me Anything About Elections

Thank you to those who joined us live for our Ask Me Anything About Elections webinar with Edison Research’s Joe Lenski and our election team. View a replay of the event below, and if you have a question that wasn’t answered here, please email us at info@edisonresearch.com. Click here for more information about Edison Research […]

Radio’s Roadmap To Gen Z Listenership

Gen Z Listeners in the U.S. are Heavy Users of Streaming, but 55% listen to AM/FM Radio Every Day  Audio consumers in “Gen Z” — those between the ages of 13 and 24 —  prefer listening  on their smartphones, which should be no surprise because they have grown up with the devices, but AM/FM radio’s reach among Gen Z is high (55%), according to Share of Ear® information from […]