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The Youth Vote

By Sarah Dutton  Young people under age 30 seem highly politically engaged in the run-up to the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. It is impossible to predict how they will vote or why, but a look at their voting behavior, political leanings and priorities in the 2016 Edison Research exit polls suggest some trends to consider for the 2020 Democratic […]

The Infinite Dial 2020 — Save the Date

Please save the date for The Infinite Dial® 2020 webinar presented by Edison Research and Triton Digital, which will take place on Thursday, March 19th, at 1 PM Eastern.   For the first time in Infinite Dial history, the webinar will be presented both online and in-person, at a live event in New York City.    Presenters Tom Webster (Senior Vice President, Edison […]

What really happens on Iowa Caucus night?

By Sarah Dutton Since 1972, the Iowa caucuses have represented the first presidential nomination contest and therefore receive a great deal of attention. They can provide surprises (Barack Obama, who trailed Hillary Clinton in national polls, won Iowa in 2008), catapult a nationally unknown candidate into the lead (Jimmy Carter in 1976) or be nail-biters (the 2012 Republican […]

Out-of-Home Case Study: Health Media Network

Health Media Network’s tagline, “Patient Education at the Point of Care,” appropriately illustrates how the company works to educate patients on-site through a system of digital media, which delivers targeted health education in doctors’ offices. When Health Media Network wanted to measure the effectiveness of an OTC health brand promotion, they engaged Edison Research to […]

The Smart Audio Report Winter 2019 from NPR and Edison Research

NPR and Edison Research Report: 60M U.S. Adults 18+ Own a Smart Speaker     The Smart Audio Report Winter 2019 Finds  More Than Half of U.S. Adults Use Voice Assistants  The latest survey from The Smart Audio Report, conducted after the December 2019 holidays, confirms continued growth in the smart speaker market with 60M people […]