Weekly Insights · September 6, 2023

Weekly Insights 9.5.2023 Podcasting’s “Luxury Brands”

By edison

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Edison Podcast Metrics is the only service that measures the entire podcasting market. Unlike opt-in services for download counting, each and every podcast that one might listen to in the United States (and coming any day in the UK) is measured.

As such, we are able to tell publishers, advertisers, and other interested parties what the biggest shows are, as we recently did when we published our list of the 50 biggest podcasts in the second quarter of 2023.

In addition, we can look at our sample of over 40,000 interviews with podcast listeners and profile the audiences of the biggest shows with a precision and completeness that no other service can match.

One way we can look at the list of shows is which ones have the highest concentration, or index, of different audience groups. These shows aren’t necessarily the biggest shows among a target audience group – they are the most efficient.

So, this week we take a look at which shows are most efficient at delivering high-income listeners. Here are the top ten shows, and each of them have well over half of their listeners in households with more than $100,000 annual income:

As one can quickly see, sorting the data by people who make a lot of money finds a lot of shows about money and business. Also, there are several shows from creators who are affiliated with other platforms that are known to deliver high-income groups, for instance The New York Times.

Podcasting has a story to tell to pretty much any advertiser, but in this case the Rolex and Maserati folks should be taking notice.

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