Company News · December 16, 2022

The Top 10 Findings of 2022 from Edison Research

By Edison Research

Another year has passed and we are taking a moment once again to compile a list of some of our favorite findings from some of the research that we think will have the most impact moving forward. Thanks to our research partners and everyone on the Edison Research Team who made this work possible.

This is one of our favorite webinars of the year because you get to see some of the faces behind the research! We shared these findings through webinars and in-person presentations during the year, and now we highlight our Top 10 Findings of 2022:

10. Voters who somewhat disapproved of Biden still voted for Democratic House candidates, and opposition to former President Trump played into voter choices
Source: Edison Research Exit Polls
9. The majority of U.S. moms with kids on social media think their kids spend too much time with it. Moms overall think that social media is more harmful than helpful to their children.
Source: Moms and Media
8. Americans’ time spent listening to audio through a mobile device has now surpassed the time spent listening through a traditional radio receiver
Source: Share of Ear, Weekly Insights

7. Voice tech is everywhere
Source: Smart Audio Report from NPR and Edison Research

6. Radios still dominate the in-car listening environment, even with Gen Z
Source: Share of Ear, Weekly Insights

5. Monthly Podcast Consumption is strong in the U.S. and is consistent across Infinite Dial countries
Sources: The Infinite Dial USThe Infinite Dial Australia, The Infinite Dial Canada, The Infinite Dial New Zealand, The Infinite Dial UK

4. Women are influential and engaged podcast listeners
Source: The Women’s Podcast Report from Edison Research and SXM Media

3. Latino listeners of Latino-hosted podcasts are more likely to have purchased a product as a result of hearing an advertisement on a podcast
Source: The Latino Podcast Listener Report
2. Gen Z represents the biggest growth for share of spoken word audio listening
Source: The Spoken Word Audio Report from NPR and Edison Research
1.The top ten biggest podcasts reach one-third of all weekly podcast listeners in the U.S.
Sources: Edison Podcast Metrics, Edison Weekly Insights 


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