Moms and Media · May 5, 2022

Moms and Media 2022

By mdecesare

As the country moves out of the COVID pandemic and back into a lifestyle outside the home, Moms are showing adjustment once again in their media habits according to this year’s Moms and Media 2022 report.

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The latest installment of the annual report combines data from the Infinite Dial series from Edison Research, Wondery and ART19, with recent data from an additional online survey of moms. This Moms and Media 2022 report highlights device usage and media consumption of Moms in the United States, now two years into COVID and entering a much awaited phase of normalcy.   In addition, from the online supplemental survey, Moms and Media puts the spotlight on some key questions about children and social media.

Moms self-reported using the internet for 16 minutes less than they did in 2021, for a total of four hours.  This decrease is indicative of another lifestyle change, one that no longer is completely homebased because of COVID-19.


Smart speakers have found their place with moms.  In 2022, half of all moms now report owning some kind of smart speaker.    As we saw in last year’s report, these devices proved to be true little helpers for moms.


They are so functional to moms that most need more than one.  In 2022, 67% of moms report owning at least two smart speakers, with 43% saying they own three or more.



The main draw to smart speakers is the ability to accomplish tasks hands free.  That technology carries over to other devices and moms are taking advantage.  This year’s report shows a healthy increase in the number of moms choosing hands free, with 76% saying they use some kind of voice-operated personal assistant over the 63% we saw last year.



Moms are embracing the hands free technology and adding smart speakers to their home, but what they are not adding, are actual radios.  Just about 4 in 10 (38%) moms do not have a single radio in their home while 62% report they have at least one.  In contrast, ten years ago, 88% of moms had at least one radio at home and just 12% reported not having one at all.


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