Company News · March 21, 2023

The Strengths of AM/FM Radio in the U.S.

By Edison Research

In March 2023, our Weekly Insights features a series of four research findings about the strengths of AM/FM radio, including over-the-air and radio streams. We felt like it was time to take a moment and put the spotlight on the strengths of a medium that can be misunderstood in the abundance of press about digital audio.

Week One: Radio is the #1 ad-supported audio source for all ages in the U.S.

Week Two: Listeners age 18+ spend more than twice the amount of their daily audio time with AM/FM radio compared to streaming audio

Week Three: AM/FM Radio Leads Listening Outside the Car, Too

Week Four:  Listeners age 25-54 spend more time listening to AM/FM radio streams than to ad-supported Streaming 

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