Weekly Insights · March 22, 2023

Weekly Insights 3.22.2023 AM/FM Radio Leads Listening Outside the Car, Too

By edison

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Part three of our series on the strengths of AM/FM over-the-air and streams deals with a listening environment often linked to radio: the car. Or truck, or SUV, or van – but you get the idea. 

Often the radio industry will turn to in-car listening stories to show the strength of the medium, and for good reason, since radio dominates the in-car audio experience. The graphic below uses Share of Ear data and compares two in-car audio sources: AM/FM radio (including station streams) and streaming. When comparing the time spent listening between those two audio sources in-car, you can see that among those age 18+, 88% of their in-car audio time is spent with AM/FM radio (including broadcast and station streams), and 12% is spent with all other streaming audio. 

The graph below also shows listening in other locations besides the car. Even outside the car, nearly twice the amount of time in the U.S. is spent with AM/FM radio among those 18+ compared to all other streaming audio. This might be a new way to think about radio consumption and how it stacks up against streaming in other locations besides the car.   

As we noted last week, it adds clarity to the data to show only ad-supported streaming, and to compare ad-supported radio and ad-supported streaming side by side. In the graphic below, you can see that while outside the car, those 18+ spend close to four times the amount of time with AM/FM radio as they do with ad-supported streaming audio. Note that listening to SiriusXM, YouTube, podcasts, music channels on TV, owned music such as CDs, and audiobooks, are not included in these comparisons.

Stay tuned for next week’s final installment of this four-part series highlighting the strengths of Radio.

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