Weekly Insights · March 8, 2023

Weekly Insights 3.8.2023 AM/FM Radio is the #1 Ad-Supported Audio Source for All Ages in the U.S.

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Welcome to week one in our four-part Weekly Insights series of research findings about radio. We felt like it was time to take a moment and put the spotlight on the strengths of a medium that can be misunderstood in the abundance of press about digital audio. Last week we released The Infinite Dial®, with support from Amazon Music, Wondery, and ART19, and yes, it showed the dominance of digital audio – but radio has a stronghold in many spaces, including in-car listening and among ad-supported audio choices.

So, our week one finding on the power of traditional AM/FM radio in the U.S.: AM/FM Radio is the #1 Ad-Supported Audio Source for All Ages in the U.S. Listeners age 13+ in the U.S. spend 59% of their daily, ad-supported audio time with AM/FM radio, more time than with all other ad-supported audio sources combined, including YouTube, podcasts, and ad-supported streaming services.

AM/FM radio is the top ad-supported audio source for all ages in the U.S., including Gen Z (age 13-24) who spend 33% of their daily ad-supported audio time with AM/FM radio, more than for any other ad-supported platform.

The finding comes from our Share of Ear® dataset and focuses on ad-supported audio. It’s important to remember that only a portion of audio sources are available to advertisers. 

Gen Z audio consumers are well-known to favor their mobile phones for audio consumption, so it may come as a surprise to learn that 33% of the total time they spend on a daily basis with ad-supported audio goes to AM/FM radio, which includes over-the-air broadcasts and streams.


 When considering only ad-supported audio, the next closest platform for Gen Z is YouTube, which is where they spend 31% of their daily audio time. Streaming services represent 20% of their total ad-supported audio time, and podcasts account for 15%. 

Beyond Gen Z, AM/FM radio remains the number one source of ad-supported audio for all other ages. Americans age 25-54 spend over half of their daily audio time (55%) with AM/FM radio (including over-the-air and streams), and Americans age 55+ spend the overwhelming majority of their ad-supported audio time (78%) with AM/FM radio.

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The Infinite Dial 2023 from Edison Researchwith support from
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Last week we presented the 25th anniversary edition of The Infinite Dial®. This year’s study included updates on device ownership and usage, online audio measures, podcasting, social media, and more. You can download the presentation here, or watch a replay of the webinar. 





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