The Infinite Dial® Reports · March 10, 2022

The Infinite Dial Frequently Asked Questions

By Edison Research

Q: What is The Infinite Dial®?
A: The Infinite Dial from Edison Research is the longest-running survey of digital media consumer behavior in America. The annual reports in this series have covered a wide range of digital media and topics since 1998.  The Infinite Dial tracks mobile behaviors, internet audio, podcasting, social media, smart speakers and more. Findings from the Infinite Dial have become the barometer on digital audio and other digital media consumption, and is widely used and quoted by broadcasters, podcasters, online radio publishers, ad agencies, and the financial community. 

Q: Did Edison Research start The Infinite Dial?
A: Yes. Edison Research is the original author of the study and maintains ownership of the study. The Infinite Dial is a registered trademark.  

Q. How do you conduct the research for The Infinite Dial?
A: The Infinite Dial® study uses the gold standard of nationally representative survey research—a random probability telephone sample comprised of both mobile phones and landlines— of all Americans age 12 and older. Telephone interviews for the Infinite Dial 2022 were conducted in January, 2022 and include 1502 interviews. The survey was offered in both English and Spanish. The data is weighted to national 12+ U.S. population figures.

Q: Are the findings from Infinite Dial free to the public?
A: Yes, thanks to the gracious sponsors of the study each year, the findings are free to the public.

Q. Where can I find the most recent U.S. Infinite Dial?
A. Click here for The Infinite Dial 2022

Q: Where can I find Infinite Dial studies from past years?
A: Past Infinite Dial studies are available on the Edison Research website at the links below:


Infinite Dial studies prior to 2012 are also posted at Please email if you need assistance locating those studies.  

Q: Where can I find Infinite Dial studies from other countries?
A: The Infinite Dial study has also been conducted in Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, and South Africa. All studies are accessible on the Edison Research website at

Q: What if I want to cite The Infinite Dial research in my paper or book?
A: If you are citing statistics from The Infinite Dial 2022, please include “The Infinite Dial® 2022 from Edison Research, Wondery, and ART19.” To cite The Infinite Dial studies from prior years, please refer to the presentation slides for the appropriate citation. Feel free to email us at with any questions about citation or publishing data from The Infinite Dial. 

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question about the study?
A: Please email Edison Research at with any questions about The Infinite Dial 

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