Watching TV In The Cab

Ever ridden a cab in New York City equipped with a television in the back seat? Ever found yourself compelled to watch, especially on those long, traffic-laden trips to the city from JFK or LaGuardia? You’re not alone. In fact, millions of Americans have watched NY10, the exclusive TV network from Clear Channel and NBC Universal, in the back of one of over 5,000 taxis in NYC. Passengers can while away their trip with short features from NBC/MSNBC/CNBC and NBC News, along with a real-time ticker that provides GPS tracking and fare information.

While advertisers might be initially compelled by the lure of a ‘captive audience,’ NY10 needed metrics to really sell the service and convince advertisers that in-cab TV was a powerful tool to increase awareness, engagement and other key brand metrics. Finding a way to measure the attitudes and opinions of passengers who have been exposed to NY10 was an interesting challenge–one for which the consumer exit polling capabilities of Edison Research are uniquely suited.


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