Weekly Insights · March 13, 2024

The Top Five Podcasts Launched in the U.S. in 2023; Top 25 Podcasts in the UK

By Edison Research

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This week’s Insight features new data on podcasts from both the U.S. and UK Edison Podcast Metrics services.  
We have been producing podcast ratings in the U.S. since 2019, and although you have seen many of the same shows top the charts quarter after quarter, this week we take a look at new shows from the last year. Below you see the top five shows that debuted in the U.S. in 2023, in terms of having highest average weekly audience over the course of the entire year. Keep in mind that launching a show earlier in the year helps the show’s average, just as the rankings of movies or songs benefit from when in the year they are released. 
The Top Five New Shows of 2023 are presented in alphabetical order. The common threads of YouTube and social media success are undeniable here, and you can see that all the shows have strong subscriber bases and social media followings. And if popular YouTubers are classified as celebrities, all these shows have the power of celebrity hosts. 

Brain Leak is hosted by YouTubers Jacksepticye (Seán McLoughlin) and CrankGameplays (Ethan Nestor), and the first episode was released in April 2023.  
Podcast P with Paul George is hosted by NBA Superstar Paul George and produced by Wave Sports + Entertainment, the same producer as New Heights. The first episode launched in March 2023. 

That Chapter Podcast launched in January 2023 after success as a YouTube channel for over five years.  
Brittany Broski co-hosted Violating Community Guidelines with Sarah Schauer for a little over a year and then broke out on her own in May 2023 to launch The Broski Report with Brittany Broski. Broski has also had a strong presence on YouTube since 2019. 

With over 6.5 million followers on YouTube and a strong presence on TikTok and Instagram, Matt and Abby launched their official podcast, The Unplanned Podcast, in February 2023.  

The Top 25 Podcasts in the UK Q4 2023 

We are proud to announce the Top 25 Podcasts in the UK for Q4 2023 from Edison Podcast Metrics. You can download the complete list here.   

The Joe Rogan Experience and The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett remain in the top two spots for the third survey period in a row. Sh**ged Married Annoyed takes the #3 spot this quarter which was previously held by That Peter Crouch Podcast in Q3 2023, now ranked #6. 

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