Company News · November 16, 2021

The Black Podcast Listener Report 2021

By edison

Click here to download The Black Podcast Listener Report 2021

Click here to download The Black Podcast Listener Report 2021 press release

The first-ever comprehensive research on Black podcast listeners in the United States, The Black Podcast Listener Report, was presented by Gabriel Soto, Director of Research at Edison Research, Nidia Serrano, Senior Director Sales Marketing Strategy at SXM Media, and Natasha Stockton, Director, Communications Planning at Mindshare. 

The study was conducted by Edison Research in partnership with  SXM Media and Mindshare. 

Thirty-six percent of Black Americans age 18+ are monthly podcast listeners, and this report examines how Black Americans consume podcasts, including podcast discovery, device usage, and reasons for listening. 

The report also includes findings on how Black Americans feel about podcast advertisements, podcasts with video components, the topics and genres they are most interested in, and the importance of black creators in podcasting. Over 2,500 Black Americans age 18+ were surveyed for this groundbreaking study. 

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