Weekly Insights · May 8, 2024

Smart Moms & Smartphones

By Edison Research

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We’ve turned the calendar page to May and that means it’s time for Moms and Media 2024.  This year’s findings, pulled from Edison Research’s Infinite Dial series supported by Audacy, Cumulus Media and SiriusXM Media, continue to show U.S. Moms engaging heavily online and utilizing a variety of devices that play perfectly with the smartphone.   

Smartphone ownership has reached practically full saturation among Moms (98%) but they are still acquiring new tech to get even more out of that necessary mobile device. In 2024, 47% of Moms reported owning a smartwatch compared to the 37% we saw in the 2023 report.  Ownership of wireless earphones or headphones also saw an increase over last year, with 75% of Moms now owning them, up from 71%.  

Smart devices, like watches and wireless earbuds, allow Moms to do even more with their smartphones, especially regarding their audio usage and consumption. Forty-three percent of Moms are weekly podcast listeners and additionally, 82% have listened to online audio in the last week. With wireless earphones, Moms can listen privately anywhere, which helps to create more listening opportunities. 

Moms’ media habits reflect a heavy lean on the smartphone, which we have observed and tracked in our research for years. The very substantial 4 hours and 4 minutes that Moms average daily online is undoubtedly a result of having a smartphone at the ready.  Another byproduct of smartphone ownership for Moms has been high social media consumption.  This year, we have 97% of Moms who currently use some type of social media, with 96% saying they have used it in the last week.  Such commitment is made possible by the constant access a smartphone provides, where waiting for anything idly has been replaced with social media scrolling.   

As the trends have shown, smartphones, along with all of their other tech devices, will continue to influence Moms’ media consumption and their engagement with online content.   

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