Podcast Research · June 28, 2022

Significant Sample Size Increase Announced for Edison Podcast Metrics

By Edison Research

Edison Research today announced that beginning in July it will increase the sample size for Edison Podcast Metrics, the podcasting industry’s only comprehensive listening measurement, by 150%. Going forward, fully 5,000 interviews will be conducted each quarter, all among ‘weekly podcast listeners’ in the U.S. – those who say they have listened to at least one podcast in the week before they are contacted. 

This significant increase in sample size will allow Edison Podcast Metrics to have the ability to examine more cuts of the data, to generate detailed data on far more shows, and will lead to more frequent reporting. 

“While we are already delivering data based on a very large sample size, Edison Podcast Metrics clients will now be receiving much more granular data,” said Edison Research Senior VP Melissa Kiesche. “The 20,000 completed interviews each year going forward, on top of the tens of thousands of interviews we have completed since we started the service, will give us a storehouse of information on podcast listening that the podcasting industry can leverage to generate more advertising and insights.” 

Edison Podcast Metrics is a survey of weekly podcast listeners from Edison Research, the leading name in audio research.  Surveys are performed every day.  Respondents report their listening on an unaided basis to all podcasts they listened to in the last week.  The service is the only comprehensive podcast ranker as it is not dependent on shows or networks “opting in,” and it measures actual listening, not simply ‘downloads’.  Edison Research is a fully independent research company. Edison Research does not produce podcasts or sell advertising time in podcasts nor is it owned by a company that does so. 

For more information about Edison Podcast Metrics visit https://www.edisonresearch.com/edison-podcast-metrics/ or email info@edisonresearch.com 


About Edison Research
Edison Research conducts survey research and provides strategic information to a broad array of clients, including Activision, AMC Theatres, Apple, Disney, Dolby Laboratories, Google, Oracle, the U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau, Pandora, Samsung, Siemens, Sony, and Univision. Edison Research  is the leading podcast research company in the world and has conducted research on the medium for NPR, Slate, Spotify, SXM Media, ESPN, WNYC Studios, and many more companies in the space. Edison Research has conducted research in North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Edison Research is also the leading provider of consumer exit polling and has conducted face-to-face research in almost every imaginable venue. Since 2004, Edison Research has been the sole provider of Election Day data to the National Election Pool, conducting exit polls and collecting precinct vote returns to project and analyze results for every major presidential primary and general election.      

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