Podcast Research · September 11, 2014

Why Podcasting Is Bigger Than You Think

By edisonresearch

In Edison’s recent edition of our Share of Ear℠ study, we released a graph showing that nearly 2% of the total time spent listening to audio was devoted to podcast listening. There were some who may have seen that figure and thought it small. It is not small. Certainly, as a “share” of audio, you can compare it to the share of a popular television show and see straight away that we are talking about significant consumption. But we also have to look at the fact that podcasts are not consumed by 100% of Americans (even if they were, by the way, a 1.7% share of audio listening would still be remarkable). In fact, if we deduct the persons from this statistic who don’t listen to podcasts, we get a very notable figure indeed.

I investigated that exact figure in this, our first-but-hopefully-not-last Five Minute Webinar: Why Podcasting Is Bigger Than You Think. Give it a view!

Also, here is the Share of Ear℠ graph, based solely on podcast listeners:

podcast share of ear

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