Weekly Insights · July 10, 2024

Podcast Listening On-the-Go, U.S. vs. UK

By Edison Research

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Ask Americans to conjure up images of the UK and two things quickly come to mind: double-decker buses and The Beatles crossing the street outside Abbey Road Studios. It turns out these iconic figures represent things that podcast listeners in the UK do a lot more than their cousins in the U.S. — listen on public transport and while walking around.  
Edison Podcast Metrics™  has been collecting detailed data about podcast listening in the U.S. since 2019, and now in the UK for over one full year, and is the source of this week’s insight on podcast listening locations. 
One of the items we can examine is where people tell us they listen to podcasts most often.  While “at home” is the answer for the majority of podcast listeners in both countries, some clear cultural differences emerge when we look at some when we look at podcast listening in other settings.  

In the UK, respondents are far more likely than those in the U.S. to say they listen most while “walking around or on foot” — it is the choice of 14% of weekly podcast listeners in the UK, but only 6% in the U.S.  Similarly, Brits are three times more likely to say they listen most while on public transport (6%) than their American podcast-listening counterparts (2%). 

The percent of weekly podcast listeners who listen most in the car is higher in the U.S. due to America’s car-dominated commute culture. Fifteen percent of respondents in the U.S. say the car is the location where they listen most, as compared to 10% across the pond. 

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