Company News · May 18, 2021

Clubhouse Users in America

By edison

Fifteen Percent of Social Media Users 18+ Have Ever Used Clubhouse; Demographics Revealed
Edison Research presents first demographic research on users of social audio service 

According to a new study from Edison Research entitled “Clubhouse Users in America,” 15% of social media users 18+ say they have ever used Clubhouse, the invitation-only audio-based social networking platform that debuted last year. Data for this first look at Clubhouse users is from Edison Research’s weekly social media tracking service, The Social Habit, which provides ongoing behavior and usage data for all major social media platforms.

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Although Clubhouse has a relatively small number of users compared to other social media networking services, it has garnered significant attention due to its premise of shared audio spaces and the exclusive nature of its invitation-only membership. Clubhouse Users in America found that the percentage of social media users who use Clubhouse remained relatively flat over the survey period (Feb 2021 – Apr 2021) and that time spent using the service declined in April. However, those that do use the service use it often, with 44% of Clubhouse users saying they use the service at least once per day, and 28% saying they use it at least once per week.

Demographics of Clubhouse users:

  • 66% of Clubhouse users are male
  • 56% of Clubhouse users are age 18-34, 42% are age 35-54, 2% are age 55+
  • 59% are White, 19% Hispanic/Latino, 17% Black

The study also found that current Clubhouse users index very highly for household income and education, and are far more likely to identify as Liberal than the general population.

“Clubhouse has been an iPhone-only service up until now,” noted Edison Research SVP Tom Webster, “and as a result, the audience for the service is not as diverse as we see in the leading social platforms.”

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How the study was conducted
Clubhouse Users in America data was derived from The Social Habit, a weekly online tracking study of social media users in America ages 18+. The total sample comprised 4557 social media users. Interviews were conducted between February 15th and April 26th.

About Edison Research
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