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Online Listening Is Growing, TSL Is Down, And Here’s Why

The last few years have been a glowing report card for online radio listening. Monthly listening to any online radio—pureplay or simulcast of broadcast radio—crossed the 50% threshold last year. This year, the weekly number hit 50% giving monthly-to-weekly listening an incredible 88% conversion rate. Online listening is clearly a habit, according to the just-released […]

Intriguing Stations of 2015: Part II

It would not be merely smart-alecky to give an Intriguing Station of 2015 award to Voltair. The audio-processing unit believed to enhance the detectability of station signal encoding for Nielsen’s PPM ratings measurement was a far bigger story than any one station, and not knowing exactly who was deploying it created speculation about any station’s […]

First Listen: What Beats Music Means For Broadcast Radio

For the last several years, the Clear Channel talking point on Pandora, from Bob Pittman down, has been some variant on “it’s not radio, it’s a playlist generator.” The broadcaster’s intent is to diminish its pureplay rival, but in many ways, Pandora is more radio than radio. Much of broadcast radio has been on a […]

A New Christmas Hit Under Radio’s Tree

For the last few years, most artists have just given up on the notion of trying to get a new holiday song played at radio. There’s a glut of new holiday albums each year, but even the most contemporary artists go for the old (roasting) chestnuts. Lady Gaga and Rihanna both had new holiday songs […]