Is Anyone Playing Radio’s Infinite Game?

When I listen to most American music radio these days, especially in PPM markets but even in smaller locales, I hear many elements that are designed for minute-to-minute, or even second-to-second optimization.  The music is almost always being selected based on music research, or at least based on emulating the combined wisdom of the industry […]


Podcasting’s Opportunity in Wide Open Spaces

By Larry RosinIf you live in one part of America, last year it may have seemed like everyone was talking about “Succession” on HBO, and hardly anyone was talking about “Yellowstone.”  And naturally, the opposite was true in other parts.  Speaking broadly, Succession is a hit in America’s big cities and suburbs, while Yellowstone started […]


Radio’s Hardware Problem Deepens

Even as many people spent much more time at home during these last two years, many more people now report having no radios in their home, according to The Infinite Dial® 2022, from Edison Research and sponsored by Wondery and Art19. In the 2020 Infinite Dial, performed before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, just […]


Virginia, Trump, and Independents

Throughout the just-completed campaign in Virginia, the eventual loser, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, continually attempted to make the election a referendum on Donald Trump. He referred to his opponent, now the Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin as ‘Trumpkin’ and warned that a vote for Youngkin was essentially a vote for Trump. One can easily argue that this strategy […]


The Number of Americans Paying for Audio Subscriptions Has Doubled Since 2015

Edison Research recently published a fascinating tidbit from our Share of Ear® series: The portion of the American population that is paying for an audio subscription of some kind has doubled since 2015, and is now almost half of everyone (47%). There is a lot that is contributing to this growth.  First, it’s important to […]


CHR – Contracting Hit Radio

So much of radio’s self-image revolves around what we radio people know as CHR and what most listeners might call “Top 40.” Those stations that likely use “[City]’s #1 Hit Music Station” as a slogan. Those brands so many grew up with and still look to as leaders – the Kisses, Hots, Powers, Bs, Zs […]


The Power of Anonymity

When I started working in research for radio stations, Focus Groups were a regular part of the station’s arsenal.  Listening to ‘real people’ talk about a station, personalities, or the radio market in general was frequently eye-opening on many levels. Today, leaner budgets have made formal Focus Groups dramatically less common.  Often they are replaced […]


What Nationalization Will Mean to American Radio

Over the course of the last year, the programming strategies for American commercial radio’s ‘big boys’ – Clear Channel and Cumulus – have come increasingly into focus. Whether they believe it is the right thing to do for ratings, or for cost containment, or both, the two “Big C’s” are rapidly nationalizing the programming across […]


The Best Research With The Most Variety

In today’s Variety, a write up on our friends at Pandora includes data from our recent “American Youth Study” of 12-24 year olds can be found here:. The article talks about how the Automobile is the ‘holy grail’ for Internet radio providers. In 2003 Edison performed a study with Arbitron called the National In-Car Study. […]


Increasingly, It’s The Daddy Party Vs. The Mommy Party

While the ‘gender gap’ has existed for decades, with Democrats consistently performing much better among women than with men, an even wider chasm has developed between the genders among those who have children under 18 living in their households – Moms vs. Dads. According to the exit polls conducted by Edison Research from the 2010 […]


No Wonder They Act The Way They Do

In our recent study of American Youth — we asked respondents what time they wake up on a typical weekday. As the attached graph shows, an incredible one-quarter of them are awake before six am and seventy percent are up by 7am. I have two 12-17s, and both of them wake up in the 6am […]


It’s A Big Country

Part of the fun of the Exit Polls we do on election night is seeing just how different states are from one another in their voting habits and their people. The same point is made in this great new Gallup study on religion in America here: Religion plays an enormous role in politics. From Jews, […]