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Podcasting’s Big Hits and Long Tail

When people in podcasting talk about monetization, inevitably someone will throw out the term “long tail” – referring to the hundreds of thousands of active podcasts with relatively small audiences. While a concept in mathematics for many decades, the notion of “Long Tail Distributions” achieved mass attention with Chris Anderson’s book on the topic in […]

Radio’s Hardware Problem Deepens

Even as many people spent much more time at home during these last two years, many more people now report having no radios in their home, according to The Infinite Dial® 2022, from Edison Research and sponsored by Wondery and Art19. In the 2020 Infinite Dial, performed before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, just […]

Music Radio’s Golden Kingdom

Edison Research President Larry Rosin takes a look at current format trends in U.S. radio, and the state of CHR in particular, in Radio Ink: “If one were to put the ‘bundle’ of radio formats that depend on new, hit music together, in the fashion of a mutual fund, it would have performed disastrously over […]

Virginia, Trump, and Independents

Throughout the just-completed campaign in Virginia, the eventual loser, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, continually attempted to make the election a referendum on Donald Trump. He referred to his opponent, now the Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin as ‘Trumpkin’ and warned that a vote for Youngkin was essentially a vote for Trump. One can easily argue that this strategy […]