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Is Anyone Playing Radio’s Infinite Game?

When I listen to most American music radio these days, especially in PPM markets but even in smaller locales, I hear many elements that are designed for minute-to-minute, or even second-to-second optimization.  The music is almost always being selected based on music research, or at least based on emulating the combined wisdom of the industry […]

From Letting it Go to Talking About Bruno

This article is from Edison’s Weekly Insights email.  Please click here if you would like to subscribe. By Larry Rosin, Edison Research President In early 2014, Disney released the single “Let it Go” from their smash-hit animated film “Frozen.”  If you had a child in the right age group at the time, especially with daughters, you […]

Podcasting’s Big Hits and Long Tail

When people in podcasting talk about monetization, inevitably someone will throw out the term “long tail” – referring to the hundreds of thousands of active podcasts with relatively small audiences. While a concept in mathematics for many decades, the notion of “Long Tail Distributions” achieved mass attention with Chris Anderson’s book on the topic in […]

Radio’s Hardware Problem Deepens

Even as many people spent much more time at home during these last two years, many more people now report having no radios in their home, according to The Infinite Dial® 2022, from Edison Research and sponsored by Wondery and Art19. In the 2020 Infinite Dial, performed before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, just […]