Why Mobile Moms Matter

I recently attended the annual variety show at my daughters’ elementary school. While I was watching the performances, I couldn’t help but take note of how many smartphones were in the audience.   Being used for photos, videos and downtime between acts they were out in full force with the moms. Afterward, my Facebook newsfeed was full of pictures from the event.

The next day, waiting my turn in a long checkout line, I noticed that every single one of the seven women in line around me had a smartphone in hand. They were ready to pull up a coupon, check social media or get that all important text. Different scenarios but the same message: smartphones are always in play. In the 2015 edition of Moms and Media, we saw that 84% of moms own a smartphone.

If you are a mom, your smartphone is an extension of you. The smartphone is not only your portal of communication, but it also serves up media, entertainment and all the infinite information that the online world brings. In fact, smartphones are probably the only thing that can rival mom when it comes to multi-tasking! For these reasons, mom relies on her smartphone to keep her busy life on track. Here are some reminders about why it matters that mom is mobile.

Mobile devices allow moms to:

  • Be online everywhere
  • Regularly interact with brands and retailers
  • Engage with other consumers
  • Leverage social media passion and usage
  • Be constantly accessible
  • Immediately share photos and videos

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