Weekly Insights · August 10, 2022

Weekly Insights 8.10.22 — Does anyone really know what time it is (that people listen to podcasts)?

By Edison Research

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There are podcasts for every taste and interest, and perhaps there are podcasts for every hour of the day as well. 

On the nearby graph one can see the estimate from Edison Research’s Share of Ear® study showing when podcasts are listened to throughout the day in the U.S. Separating the day into six four-hour segments, we can see that the most time spent listening to podcasts happens in the midday hours – from 10am to 2pm (26%) – just narrowly above the time spent in mornings (25%).   

As is seen, listening attenuates from that peak in midday, but some listening happens in all hours.  Notice the representation for the overnight hours between 2am and 6am – where perhaps people in certain professions, parents of newborns, and insomniacs are doing 3% of all podcast listening.  

A note on how to read this – the graph represents what portion of all podcast listening happens within these hours. Note as well that this data includes all seven days of the week equally represented, so both weekend days and weekdays are contributing.

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