Weekly Insights · February 8, 2023

Weekly Insights 2.8.23 How the Smartphone Drives Online Audio

By edison

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So much of the joy we take from collecting and reporting data in our Infinite Dial® series, sponsored by Amazon Music, Wondery, and ART19, comes from the ability to have tracked data over such a long period of time.

In the graph below, the blue line is the trend for “monthly online audio listening” – a roll-up of questions in the survey about listening to streams of radio stations or to ‘pureplay’ streamers like Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and the like. Tracked alongside is the data on smartphone ownership since adding this question in 2009.

The graph shows the clear correlation between the adoption of the smartphone and the adoption of online audio. In the first decade of this century, online audio grew, but at a slow pace. From 2000-2010 monthly listening only increased by 22 percentage points, from 5% to 27%.

And then it is as if the smartphone came along and yanked the blue line on an upwards trajectory. As nearly all Americans age 12+ acquired smartphones, they also acquired the habit of listening to some form of online audio. From 2010-2020, another 41 percentage points were added. In last year’s study, the number ran just below three-quarters of all Americans age 12 and older now listening at least monthly in this fashion.

And so, we at Edison Research along with Amazon Music, Wondery, and ART19 are pleased to set the date for the debut of the 2023 Infinite Dial. Tune in on Thursday, March 2 to see how these numbers have developed as we move into 2023, along with updated findings on podcasting, social media, in-car audio, streaming, and much more. Registration information is below.

Edison Research to present the 26th year of The Infinite Dial®, with support from  
Amazon Music, Wondery, and ART19

Please join us for the live online presentation of The Infinite Dial 2023, with support from Amazon Music, Wondery, and ART19, on Thursday, March 2nd at 2pm ET. You can click here to register. Findings will be presented by Edison Research Vice President Megan Lazovick, with Wondery’s General Manager Jeanine Wright.

The Infinite Dial is America’s longest-running survey of digital media consumer behavior, tracked annually since 1998. The study provides important benchmark measures on usage and behavior around streaming audio, podcasting, radio, smart audio, social media, and more. Annual results and trending data from The Infinite Dial are relied upon by its audience of content producers, media companies, agencies, and the financial community.

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