Weekly Insights · December 15, 2022

Weekly Insights 12.14.22 The Women’s Podcast Report

By Edison Research

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Yesterday we released the Women’s Podcast Report with SXM Media. If you didn’t have a chance to see Meg Lazovick from Edison Research and Melissa Paris from SXM Media present the findings, you can download the complete presentation here, or watch the webinar here. 
Almost half of monthly podcast listeners in the U.S. age 18+ are women (48%), so it’s only fitting to field a comprehensive study about this group of listeners. Here are four takeaways from the presentation:

Women podcast listeners are a growing, valuable audience. Women are closing the gender gap in terms of monthly podcast listening. Women podcast listeners are highly educated, more affluent, and younger than total U.S. Women.

Women are influential and engaged listeners. Women podcast listeners are active promoters of the podcasts they love, sharing them regularly with friends and family. They are engaged with their favorite podcast shows, hosts, and fellow listeners on social media.

Women have an appetite for more female voices and perspectives. Over half of women podcast listeners say they would listen to more podcasts if there were more that focused on female stories & perspectives or were hosted by women. There is a strong opportunity to develop and amplify diverse voices (57% of multicultural women podcast listeners, and 67% of Gen Z women podcast listeners wish there were more podcasts that focus on women of color).

Ads on women-hosted podcasts deliver. Women podcast listeners are more likely to consider, recommend, and purchase brands that advertise on women-hosted podcasts (see graphic below). Brands can drive strong results and affinities by supporting and investing in female creators.  

Like our usual presentations, this one is chockfull of data. If you take the time to peruse the slides, you will find several with in-depth findings beyond just the bar charts. We have included indices for young listeners, Black listeners, Hispanic listeners, and Moms, like the graph below about women monthly podcast listeners and brands, and we encourage you to check those out as well. 


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