Weekly Insights 1.4.2023 Listening At Home

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Tomorrow the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas, where attendees from all over the world will gather to see the latest electronics of all varieties. Even as many of us are just beginning to use the new electronics we received as holiday gifts, the industry is looking forward to what kinds of new devices consumers will need or want to buy next.

Our own Share of Ear dataset  gives us our first insight of 2023 as we see what types of audio devices Americans currently are using to consume audio at home.

When consuming audio at home, those in the U.S. age 13+ spend over one-third of their daily audio time (35%) listening through a mobile phone. So “mobile” doesn’t have to mean traveling-around-town mobile. It can also mean around-the-house mobile. The next-closest device is AM/FM radio receivers (arguably the original form of mobile audio), which account for 26% of daily at-home audio time.

Americans age 13+ spend 14% of their daily  in-home audio time listening on a computer, 13% on some type of TV, and 7% on a smart speaker.

Mobile device usage for audio consumption at home is at the same level for women and men age 13+ (both 35%). Women and men have different at-home listening habits when it comes to radio receivers and computers, though. Women are much more likely than men to consume at-home audio on a radio receiver (30% v. 22%), and men are much more likely than women to consume audio at home on a computer (19% v. 10%).