Weekly Insights · January 18, 2023

Weekly Insights 1.18.2023 Media Habits of Gen Z

By edison

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Almost a decade ago, Edison Research released a study called “Meet the Millennials” at the Country Radio Seminar. In that presentation, we outlined and explained the unique habits and interests of the young generation of the moment. Let me tell you, studying today’s young generation, Gen Z, has been remarkably different.   

Ten years ago, we researchers were still packing our suitcases and flying around the country to talk to study participants. While that’s still done today, it’s much easier to have conversations with people all over the country remotely. And after the past few years of remote learning, this younger generation is almost more comfortable with participating in such a study via zoom rather than in person.  

In the Millennial study, we observed people who were raised on analog shift to digital. Today, Gen Zers are digital natives. In the graph below from Share of Ear, we see just how much of their audio listening is spent with digital platforms:  

While we had pleasant, informative conversations with young Millennials years ago, today, we are having deep conversations with a very self-aware Gen Z generation. The pandemic and many other world events have shaped this generation, along with the technology they use to experience it all. Conversations about mental health and self-care are much more socially acceptable today, and Gen Zers are more willing to open up about these topics.   

In our “Meet the Millennials” study, we met young adults excited to take on the world. In the video below, we hear one say. “I’m starting my new life soon, but for now, I’m living in the moment.”   

In our Gen Z study, we met young adults worried about the world. In the video below, a participant says, “I think we experience a lot of grief or dread, and we don’t necessarily have outlets or guidance in how to move through that and deal with that.”  

We owe it to this generation to make an effort to understand them so we can help them move through the world a little easier – especially those of us who are producing content meant to reach them.   


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