WAKE ME UP: How Do Americans Wake Up?

“Momma, need the potty!”

Those cries of my three-year-old woke me this morning, putting me in the same category as the 12% of Americans who are woken by someone else in their household, according to Edison’s “Wake Me Up” study.

In the national online study commissioned by the Country Radio Seminar, we asked 1550 18-54 year olds how they woke up:



Contrary to what I would have guessed, only 50% of Americans ages 18-54 use an alarm to wake up.  It is also surprising to learn that 33% of people just ‘get up.’



Looking more closely at those who do use alarms, we see that the mobile revolution is fully underway.  Half of respondents who use an alarm used their mobile devices.  Only 15% of alarm users told us they woke up to the sound of radio.

Given the popularity of the mobile device as an alarm, there seems to be an obvious opportunity here. Want to catch your audience first thing in the morning? Tie your service to a mobile alarm.

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