Company News · March 26, 2015

WAKE ME UP: What time do Americans start their day?

By Megan Lazovick

Edison Research’s “Wake Me Up” study, commissioned by the Country Radio Seminar, provided us with many insights on Americans, including when they start their day. If you’re hoping to capture a morning audience, take a look at the graphic below:


Our study, which was conducted only on weekdays among those who wake up before 10am, asked, “When did you wake up this morning?”




The results show 8% of our national online survey are awake by 5am, when many television and radio morning shows sign on the air.




By 5:30am, one in five are awake.




The peak time for waking up is between 6 and 6:30am.  Twenty-three percent of our sample rises in that half-hour, and this is the point when more than half of the nation’s potential audience is now awake.




Another 26% rise between 6:30 and 7:30 – and now most all respondents are awake.





And then there are the lucky ones:17% of our sample have the luxury of sleeping past 8am.



How the study was conducted:
Edison conducted a national online survey of 1,550 respondents age 18-54 in January 2015.

About Edison Research:
Edison Research conducts survey research and provides strategic information to a broad array of clients, including Activision, AMC Theatres, Disney, Dolby Laboratories, ESPN, Google, Gulf News, the U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau, Pandora, Samsung, Siemens, SiriusXM, Sonos, Sony, Time Warner and Yahoo. Edison Research works with many of the largest American radio ownership groups, including Bonneville, Emmis, Entercom, CBS Radio and Radio One. Another specialty for Edison is its work for media companies throughout the world, conducting research in North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Edison Research is the sole provider of election exit poll data for the National Election Pool comprised of ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC and the Associated Press. Edison is also the leading provider of consumer exit polling and has conducted face-to-face research in almost every imaginable venue.


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