US Teens Much More Favorable Towards Obama Than Palin

In Edison Research’s recent national survey of American youth, we asked young people for approval ratings of both President Obama and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

While there is ample data available about these two among the voting-age population, we thought it would be interesting to check the approval scores among 12-17s. As the graph below shows, teens are considerably more positive towards the President than they are towards Ms. Palin. Of particular interest is how many of today’s teens expressed ‘no opinion’. Fully one-in-six couldn’t answer about the President, and more than one-third had no sense for Ms. Palin.

obama_palin favorable.jpg

When one discounts for those with no opinion, today’s teens are significantly more positive about President Obama, and more negative about Governor Palin, than the voting-age population.

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