Podcast Research · May 22, 2009

The Podcast Consumer 2009

By Edison Research

This data presentation was originally delivered as a webinar in conjunction with the Association for Downloadable Media on May 21, 2009. The Podcast Consumer Revealed: 2009 is the fourth iteration of this widely-cited study of the growing audience for audio and video podcasts. Data for this research presentation is derived from the 17th Arbitron/Edison Research Internet & Multimedia Research Series, one of the longest-running and most comprehensive series of studies on consumer usage, adoption and behavior surrounding new media and technology.

This presentation was given by Edison’s Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, Tom Webster, and runs approximately one hour with questions. The slides for the presentation can also be downloaded below. Highlights of this study include the following:

* Awareness of podcasting grew from 37% of Americans to 43%

* One in four Americans indicated that they have ever downloaded and watched/listened to an audio or video podcast

* The number one reason given for podcast consumption was time-shifting–the ability to consume content whenever the consumer desires.

* Podcast consumers continue to be attractive advertising targets; yet are increasingly unreachable through traditional, interrupt advertising

You can watch the entire presentation below.

Click here to download a .PDF file of the slides for The Podcast Consumer Revealed: 2009

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