The New Mainstream 2013: New Research Into Streaming Audio

Edison Research, in partnership with Pandora, Spotify and TuneIn, released a groundbreaking new study of Internet radio usage and adoption, “The New Mainstream: 2013,” on September 24th at Advertising Week in New York City. This online study of 3,016 persons 12+ revealed who these Americans are, how they are using Internet radio, and where Internet radio’s place is in mainstream media consumption.

Principal findings of the study included the following:

• The majority of online Americans 12+ – 53% – currently ever use Internet radio.

• Internet radio is the third most popular way that people discover new music, ahead of Amazon, YouTube, Social Media and other sources.

• 63% of Internet radio listeners own a smartphone–and 83% of smartphone owners listen to some kind of Internet radio on their mobile devices.

• 32% of Internet radio listeners indicated that they are listening to “a lot” more of the medium than they were one year ago

• 26% of Internet Radio users tell us that their listening is mostly ‘new time’ – time not previously filled with audio of any kind

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