The New Curators

Recently I had the honor of addressing the attendees at RAIN Summit West, co-located at the NAB in Las Vegas. This conference brings together executives from all walks of Internet radio, including folks from Pandora, Spotify, NPR, and others who are shaping the world of online audio. I presented some new data from Infinite Dial on “song sharers;” people who have shared a song, station, or playlist on a social network. We think that people who exhibit that behavior are crucial to the adoption of Internet radio as a medium, and encouraging them to share their songs and stories online is something anyone in this space should be working towards.

The thing is, “sharing” is not the same as “curation,” and it’s curation that adds value. So what can the various Internet radio players do to foster curation, in addition to simple sharing behaviors? In this talk, I offer three things that online broadcasters can do to help promote the medium and their particular service. It’s a 19-minute presentation, and I promise you that you will not only gain some insight, but also learn something very embarrassing about me.

The New Curators.mp4 from Tom Webster on Vimeo.

The slides alone can be viewed and downloaded from here:

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