The Infinite Dial® Reports · April 7, 2014

The Infinite Dial: Israel

By edison

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Israeli Internet Radio in Early Development Stages but Poised for Rapid Growth

Survey of Israelis by Edison Research and Cue.AD Shows How Israeli Online Radio Compares to USA

Herzliya, 6 April 2014

According to a new survey to be presented at the FM+ Radio conference at the IDC on 7 April, 27% of Israelis between the ages of 18 and 65 listen to Internet “Pureplay” Audio services monthly. This compares to 51% of Americans in that same age group who listen to radio over the Internet on a monthly basis. However, the conditions exist for the Israeli market to quickly accelerate to reach the levels seen in the USA.

Both surveys were performed by Edison Research of New Jersey, USA. In Israel, the survey was a partnership with Cue.AD the leading digital audio ad network in Israel.

“According to our findings, adults in both countries are equally likely to be online and use the Internet almost exactly the same amount. Israelis are even more likely to be on Facebook than Americans and have higher smartphone penetration. So the environment exists for Internet Radio to take off in Israel the way it has in the United States; but it just hasn’t happened yet,” says Larry Rosin, President of Edison Research. Mr. Rosin will be presenting the results of the survey as the lead-off session of the FM+ Conference. “There are four different pathways that could lead to this growth. A domestic entrepreneur could build your own version of a product like Pandora Radio, which dominates in America. Either Apple iTunes Radio or Google All-Access could bring growth to the sector here. One of your broadcasters could lead the changes, or Pandora itself could launch in Israel,” says Rosin.

As of today no Internet Radio brand has broken through in Israel. While fully 75% of Americans are familiar with Pandora; the leading brand in Israel – Radio Mizrahi – is only known to only 14% of Israelis and the closest runner-ups 109FM and FM1 are about 10%.

The survey also shows early information on the effectiveness of Internet Radio advertising, with large numbers of Israelis who have heard ads on Internet Radio saying, for instance, that they have visited an advertiser website after hearing an ad on Internet Radio.

The results of the study are available below (via Slideshare) and at Download the PDF here.


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