The Infinite Dial® Reports · October 14, 2019

The Infinite Dial Germany 2019

By edison

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All of Germany is talking about the current audio boom, and through the The Infinite Dial® Germany, the newest release from the longest–running media usage study in the world, RTL Radio Deutschland now has research to confirm it.

The latest research finds that all age groups use radio and audio services in many scenarios, and through many platforms and distribution channels. With the results of the media usage study for the German market The Infinite Dial® Germany, RTL Radio Deutschland provides comprehensive data on digital media usage with a focus on audio. The study provides far-reaching insights into how people in Germany use media. It also shows a direct comparison with the U.S. market, from which important insights into audio trends can also be derived. The global U.S.-based research company Edison Research, which is responsible for the implementation of The Infinite Dial® in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and South Africa, was commissioned to carry out the study.

The Infinite Dial® Germany confirms the thriving listening and the enormous growth potential for podcasts and online audio services in Germany. Some of the top findings:

– In all age groups, and across all platforms and devices, radio and audio services are heavily used.

– In the car, radio is by far the most-used source of music, entertainment and information for almost 70% of Germans.

– 16-34 year-olds are increasingly listening to radio via radio apps on their mobile phones, streaming aggregators, or smart speakers. Thirty-eight percent of this group state that they no longer own a traditional radio receiver.

– Smart speakers are also gaining ground in Germany as 8% of Germans already own one or more of these devices. The Infinite Dial® Germany confirms RTL Radio Deutschland’s previous market estimates of around 12 million units sold. Each smart speaker owner currently has an average of 1.8 devices in their household.

– More than one third (35%) of 16-34 year olds in Germany listen to a podcast every month. Each user listens to an average of 5 podcasts per week.

– Podcast listeners have enormous potential as customers to marketers. They have an above-average income and are well educated.

Stephan Schmitter, CEO of RTL Radio Germany said, “The results of The Infinite Dial® Germany are a very important building block for the strategic development of our radio and audio world. They prove that we are on the right track with our diverse products. In addition to classic programs, on-demand offerings have a high usage rate. This confirms in particular the great potential for podcasts. With our platform AUDIO NOW and the founding of the podcast production company Audio Alliance, we have created an excellent basis at the right time to play a decisive role in shaping the attractiveness of this market from the user and customer point of view.

How the Study was Conducted:
The Infinite Dial® Germany is an in-depth look at the digital media consumer habits of Germans age 16+. In July of 2019, Edison Research conducted a national telephone survey of 1,000 Germans age 16 and older. The telephone data was weighted to national 16+ Germany population figures.

About RTL Radio Deutschland
RTL Radio Deutschland is the leading private radio group in Germany. Its 17 stations in 11 states reach millions of listeners daily. It derives its success from its profound experience in programming and content development. Leading stations like 104.6 RTL, Radio Hamburg and ANTENNE BAYERN profit from this know-how. RTL Radio Deutschland operates as a strategic partner following the slogan “Together we are stronger”.

About The Infinite Dial®
The Infinite Dial® is conducted by Edison Research, a global U.S.-based research. The Infinite Dial® is the longest running media consumption study in the United States and is now in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and South Africa. It provides reliable estimates and insightful data, and is widely used and cited by broadcasters, media companies, advertising agencies, and the financial community.

About Edison Research
Edison Research conducts surveys and provides strategic information to a wide range of clients. It is the world’s leading podcast research company and has researched the medium for major companies. Edison is also the leading provider of consumer research. Since 2004, Edison Research has been the only provider of election day data for the U.S. National Election Commission, conducting surveys to predict and analyze the results for each major presidential election.

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