The Infinite Dial® Reports · April 25, 2014

The Infinite Dial 2014: A Look at Urban P1s

By Edison Research

“Infinite Dial” Format: Urban P1s Heavier Users of Digital In Most Ways

Somerville, New Jersey — April 25, 2014  — P1 listeners to Urban and Urban AC radio are more digitally inclined than the average radio listener in almost every significant way, according to “The Infinite Dial 2014: A Look at Urban P1s.”  The new report is the first individual music format breakout from Edison Research’s influential “Infinite Dial” study, released earlier this year.

Urban/Urban AC P1s are more likely than the average 12-plus respondent to “The Infinite Dial” to have internet access (88% to 84%) and have listened to online radio in the last week (67% to 36%). They are also more likely to:

-Own a smartphone (84% to 61%)
-Own a tablet (50% to 39%)
-Have a profile on any social network (81% to 67%)
-Have watched YouTube for music in the last week (53% to 33%)
-Be aware of Pandora (85% to 70%)
and have listened in the last month (53% to 31%)
-Be aware of iHeartRadio (65% to 48%)
and have listened in the last month (15% to 9%)
-Be aware of iTunes Radio (55% to 47%)
-Be aware of Beats Music (30% to 18%)
-Subscribe to Sirius XM Satellite Radio (18% to 15%)
-Use Twitter (33% to 16%)

Like CHR, much of the digital-orientation of Urban/Urban AC P1s is driven by age. The average age of those P1s is 30-years-old vs. age 28 for Top 40 P1s and 44 for the overall sample, giving Urban/Urban AC the second youngest audience of any format.

The study also finds that Urban/Urban AC P1s are more likely than listeners overall to listen to radio at work. Just over half (51%) of those who are P1 to those formats, and who are full- or part-time employed, say they listen to radio at work. That puts Urban radio well ahead of the 40% average and behind only Classic Rock (56%).

Edison Research made headlines recently when its report on media usage by format revealed that 13% of Urban/Urban AC listeners listened most often to AM/FM radio using earbuds, earphones or some other type of headset, vs. 4% of the national sample. In addition, 25% say that they would listen to radio a lot more if their cellphones contained an FM radio tuner vs. 17% of persons-12+ overall.

Released in early March, and sponsored by Triton Digital, “The Infinite Dial” surveyed more than 2,000 respondents aged 12 and older. Now in its twenty-second edition, “The Infinite Dial” has become digital audio’s annual report card. Respondents were asked to name their P1 station, each of which was individually coded by format. “The Infinite Dial 2014: A Look at Urban P1s” is based on 139 Urban and Urban AC P1s.

Download “The Infinite Dial 2014: A Look at Urban P1s” here.

The full “Infinite Dial 2014” study is available here. 

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