Company News · June 16, 2009

Teens Still Going Strong to the Mall

By mdecesare

Even with a tough economy, teenagers continue doing what they’ve always done–hang out at the mall. mall_teen.jpgFor advertisers, the mall is the place to be to reach those all important teens and tweens. According to recent data released by Scarborough Research and Arbitron, 62% of teens reported that they visit the mall at least as often as they did six months ago. On a typical visit, 68% of teens spend 2 or more hours at the mall.
According to the Teen Mall Shopper Insights White Paper, not only are teens going strong to the mall, they are noticing advertisements while they are there. A whopping 95% said they notice some type of mall advertising, with poster display ads being the most noted (91%).
Even for a younger crowd who doesn’t know life without the Internet, DVR and other technological perks, traditional poster displays and hanging banners win out over projected moving images and interactive kiosks, which were noticed by 31% and 48%, respectively. Even with the vast majority of teens spending more and more time with social networking, video games and other technology-enabled pursuits, good old paper and ink continue to deliver eyeballs–and wallets–to marketers seeking to capture teens in exactly the right environment to spend money.

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