Level of Education and the Ohio Abortion Vote

Voters across the country — through Edison Research’s exit polls — have consistently told the American public that the economy is the number one factor in how they vote.  However, after the Dobbs decision in June of 2022, another issue has shifted to the forefront of the national political perspective: access to abortion. While the […]

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The South Carolina Primary: A Quick Look at Black Voters

By Sarah Dutton  The South Carolina Democratic primary not only represented a must-win state for Joe Biden if he wanted to keep his candidacy viable, but it was also the first contest with a sizable African American voting population.  And with help from that voting bloc, Biden won the primary there.  According to the Edison […]

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The New Hampshire Democratic Primaries – How They Won and Lost

By Sarah Dutton The New Hampshire Democratic Primary electorate is overwhelmingly angry with the Trump administration (79%) and a majority is focused on candidates’ electability (63%) over issue positions (33%), according to Edison Research exit polls.  The final vote tallies for the top three candidates – Sanders, Buttigieg and Klobuchar – showed a close race, and in […]

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By Sarah Dutton The Iowa caucuses are over (ish) and the candidates have moved on to New Hampshire, the next contest in the race for the Democratic nomination.  But as the first nominating contest, the entrance polls from the Iowa caucuses can offer some insights into potential trends among the electorate. How did electability factor into vote choice? Did […]

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Americans and Employer-Sponsored Health Care

by Matt Brownsword Healthcare was a prominent topic at the most recent Democratic presidential debates. The conversation pitted the progressive, Medicare-for-all solution proposed by Senators Kamala Harris, among others, against the moderate, “build on Obamacare” plan put forth by former Vice President Joe Biden. Senator Harris offered the idea that “it’s time that (the United […]


Democrats: Worried Sick About Health Care

By Evan Amereihn The first Democratic Presidential debates start tomorrow. With more than 20 candidates vying for office, each candidate is working to break through the pack, win over voters, and make it to the second debate. As candidates hone their messages, they would be wise to consider the issues that are most important to […]

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