Weekly Insights · January 3, 2024

Still Listening?

By Edison Research

Fiction and True Crime Listeners Most Likely to Binge-Listen 

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If you subscribe to this newsletter, you are likely at some point to have engaged in this week’s topic: binge listening to podcasts.  Most of us know that feeling of getting to the end of an episode of a serialized podcast and not being able to stop. 

As of Q3 2023, 77% of U.S. weekly podcast listeners 13+ say they have ever binge-listened to a podcast. Within our survey we define binge listening as listening to or watching multiple episodes of a podcast within a single sitting. While all genres can captivate audiences and leave them wanting more, we at Edison hypothesized that listeners who consume certain genres might be more inclined to have binged a podcast than listeners who consume other genres. Luckily for us and our subscribers, we’re able to use the immense sample size of Edison Podcast Metrics® to test our hypothesis. 

Edison Podcast Metrics is the only podcast measurement tool that captures weekly podcast listening across all networks, shows, and platforms. Through this research, we’re able to measure the percentage of respondents who recorded listening to a podcast from a specific genre in the past week. Edison defines a podcast’s genre using its primary genre in Apple Podcasts.  

How to Read the Chart: 93% of weekly Fiction podcast listeners have ever binged a podcast. 

Podcast listeners who have consumed a Fiction or a True Crime podcast in the past week, two genres that usually leave listeners wanting more, are the listeners who are most likely to have ever binge-listened. On the other end of the spectrum, podcast listeners who have consumed a News or Technology podcast in the past week are the least likely to have ever binge-listened. It’s important to keep in mind though, that the percentages for the bottom two genres are still quite impressive. These percentages demonstrate just how engaged weekly podcasts listeners are and how captivating podcast content can be.  

Knowing how different listeners engage with podcasts is essential to creating and marketing new shows and content. Contact info@edisonresearch.com to learn more about Edison Podcast Metrics, and follow along for more weekly insights from the Edison team.   

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