The Infinite Dial® Reports · March 9, 2016

One Quarter Of Americans 12+ Follow Politics On Facebook

By Edison Research

Infinite Dial 2016 - Political Following Via Social Media

March is an exceptionally busy month for Edison:  not only are we hard at work on our upcoming Infinite Dial 2016 study with our partners at Triton Digital, but we are also the sole providers of Exit Polling to all of the major news networks. That’s right–for those of you who stayed up watching the results of things like last night’s Michigan primary, we were behind the scenes all night, providing valuable information on who voted, why they voted, and helping our network clients make the most accurate projections possible.

So, we thought it might be interesting to “cross the streams” a little, and mix a little politics into the Infinite Dial. Here’s one small “tease” of some of the information we’ll be rolling out as the year goes on: what social networks do people use to follow political news and politicians?

Well, as you can see from the graph above, the top answer with the general population should be no surprise: it’s Facebook, with 25% of Americans 12+ saying they use the popular social network to get information about politics. Twitter is a solid second for political information, which is significant in that Twitter isn’t the second most popular social networking service (more on that in The Infinite Dial.)

This graph is taken from The Infinite Dial 2016, and is based upon a representative sample of 2001 Americans 12+, conducted via mobile phone and landline, to the most meticulous standards in research. These data, like all Infinite Dial data, are projectable to the U.S. population.

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