Company News · July 11, 2018

Save the date: The Smart Audio Report from NPR and Edison Research

By Edison Research

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With more than 43M smart speaker owners in the U.S., adoption of smart speakers is going mainstream.

New smart speaker owners are emerging as a distinct audience in terms of user profile, behavior and media habits, according to the latest research from The Smart Audio Report, which for the first time after launching in 2017 offers a preview into the realities of mainstream use. The Spring 2018 Report, available July 18, also reveals opportunities across industries – from publishing and tech to products and services.

Key findings include:

  • For first adopters, the smart speaker is now the #1 way they listen to audio, and 38% of newer, early mainstream users say they purchased the device hoping to reduce screen time
  • While first adopters demonstrate more advanced smart speaker use – controlling home security and other household devices – early mainstream users are quickly relying on the technology for a wider range of daily activities – ordering food, making calls, getting traffic reports, researching products and shopping
  • Among all smart speaker owners, the most preferred formats for audio advertisements are skills/features created by a brand, host-read ads on podcasts, product endorsements and sponsor or underwriter announcements during public radio

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