Weekly Insights · June 12, 2024

Pride and Podcasts

By Edison Research

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This week’s insight includes:  

LGBT Listeners Spend 48% More Time with Podcasts 

In celebration of Pride month, this week’s insight features Share of Ear® data to illustrate how the LGBT community spends its day with audio. It is no surprise that the audio choices of LGBT listeners include a medium that allows for individualism, creativity, and expression: podcasts. 

According to the latest data from Edison Research’s Share of Ear, those age 13+ in U.S. who identify as LGBT spend 14% of their daily audio time listening to podcasts, which equates to 40 minutes per day. This amount of daily listening clocks in at 48% higher than the overall 13+ population in the U.S., who average 11% of their daily audio time with podcasts, or 27 minutes.

From the graphic above you might have deduced that LGBT listeners spend more time overall with audio daily, and that is correct. Share of Ear shows that LGBT listeners age 13+ spend 16% more total daily time with all audio sources than the overall population age 13+ — important information for creators and advertisers alike. 

Podcasts can provide a unique vehicle for specialized and targeted content, where listeners find community. And that is something we can all be proud of.  

Audio Publishers Association 2024 Consumer Survey Conducted by Edison Research 

Edison Research conducted the Audio Publishers Association’s 2024 Consumer Survey and found the majority of U.S. adults (52%) have listened to an audiobook, which translates to nearly 149 million Americans who have ever tried the medium. 

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Register for the UK Podcast Consumer 

Edison Research announces that The UK Podcast Consumer 2024 will be presented in a webinar on Tuesday, June 25 at 2 PM EDT. 

Gabriel Soto, Senior Director of Research at Edison Research will offer benchmark data on weekly and monthly UK podcast consumption. The webinar will focus on foundational research findings in the podcast space and emphasize the targeted appeal and increasing influence of podcasts.   

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Register for the Sports Audio Report 

Don’t miss the change to join Edison Research for the upcoming Sports Audio Report webinar at 2:00pm EDT tomorrow Thursday June 13, 2024 with SiriusXM Media and GroupM.   

This webinar will spotlight sports fandom in the U.S. and the role that audio content plays across sports podcasts, satellite, and radio shows in fans’ engagement with sports and leagues.  

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Register for Infinite Dial Australia 

The Infinite Dial® 2024 Australia webinar will be taking place at 9:00pm EDT on Tuesday July 2, 2024 (11:00am AEST on Wednesday, July 3, 2024). The study was commissioned by major sponsor CRA (Commercial Radio & Audio) with additional sponsors LiSTNR, Nine, ARN, and Nova.  

The webinar will provide detailed insight into Australians’ digital audio behavior. Industry expert panelists will break down the latest trends including podcast listening, audio streaming services, and smart speaker ownership.  

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