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Over Half of Daily Radio Listeners Only Listen In-Car

Everyone in the radio industry knows the importance of in-car listening to the medium.  Now, new data from Edison Research that will be explored at The Radio Show in Orlando shows how crucial the car really is.

Americans are more likely to listen to audio in their cars or trucks on any given day than even in their homes, according to Edison’s Share of Ear® study. The car is by far the most popular place for people to listen to AM/FM Radio content.

More than half of all Americans age 13 and older report listening to radio in their cars on any given day.  And Share of Ear shows that more than half of all people who listen to radio on any given day listen in their cars and in no other location.

In-car audio graphic

As the above graphic shows, the younger you are, the more likely you are to listen to Broadcast Radio exclusively in the car.  Nearly two-in-three of those ages 13-34 who listen to AM/FM Radio on a given day listen in the car and nowhere else.

These findings, and many others will be presented in a session called “Miles Different: In-Car Audio 2018” at 1:30 PM on September 27 at The Radio Show.  Edison’s Larry Rosin will summarize data from Share of Ear, Infinite Dial, and a unique tracking survey performed with NPR, to show the state of in-car audio today.

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    ART VUOLO says:

    Larry, I’ve been saying this for YEARS. Now that YOU are saying it too, maybe people will finally pay attention to what’s really going on. Can’t wait to see your presentation in Orlando. You better have a few medic’s standing by to help resuscitate broadcasters who pass out after hearing your staggering statistics!


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