Clint Stevenson

Vice President, Data Science

Clint Stevenson is the Vice President of Data Science & Statistics at Edison Research and has over 20 years of professional experience working with statistical modeling, complex datasets, web application development. He is an active member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and the American Statistical Association (ASA) and has served as the an ASA chapter president organizing events and conferences. Stevenson is responsible for Edison Research’s advanced statistical analytics, data science, machine learning, large datasets, sampling, model development, and cloud infrastructure. Stevenson has deep knowledge of large-scale, complex statistical projects including his work on the National Election Pool exit poll.

Stevenson is also responsible for the development of custom statistical software used in complex weighting, data editing, data quality, and variance/point estimation. His international work has included overseeing the statistical software development, sample design and analysis of custom research in Iraq, former Soviet Georgia, and Venezuela. Prior to Edison Research, Stevenson worked as a Principal Data Scientist for Datalogix (acquired by Oracle Data Cloud), implementing advanced analytics, non-random sample weighting, and measurement on emerging technologies, mobile, IoT, and OTT television for advertisers. He has also worked with hospital and health care providers focusing on patient and employee satisfaction surveys.

Stevenson’s statistical expertise includes survey sampling; statistical weighting; categorical data; multivariate regression; machine learning: random forests, ensemble models, supervised and unsupervised classification; and data science techniques. Stevenson has been developing custom statistical software, APIs, and web applications in the AWS environment for over 10 years. His computational and programming expertise includes Python, R, PHP, SQL, Javascript, plotly.js, ds.js, and HTML/CSS.