Weekly Insights · June 26, 2024

Now You See Me: The Appeal of Video Podcasts

By Edison Research

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The addition of video to many podcasts has been a hot topic in recent years. This week’s Insight from Edison Podcast Metrics™ features findings on audio and video podcasts.

According to Edison Podcast Metrics, 79% of weekly podcast listeners in the U.S. have consumed a ‘video podcast’ – essentially watching, or at least listening to the content on a video streaming platform.

Edison Podcast Metrics further measures whether podcast listeners are actively or passively watching video podcasts. Sixty-two percent of weekly podcast listeners 13+ have enjoyed video podcasts passively, with the video content playing in the background while listening to the audio.

Meanwhile, our data reveals a compelling point – 72% of weekly podcast listeners 13+ have enjoyed video podcasts actively, meaning they have watched video as they listen to the podcast. Videos can add an extra layer of engagement, allowing users to connect with hosts on a more personal level and enhance the overall podcast experience.

Podcasts with video elements also allow creators to repurpose content into short, engaging clips tailor-made for social media platforms – think YouTube shorts, TikTok, or reels on Instagram or Facebook. This strategy can work to enhance a show’s digital presence, while amplifying the reach and engagement of podcasts overall.

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