Moms and Media · October 29, 2015

No Tricks, Just Treats for Mom this Halloween

By Edison Research

By: Laura Silvia

Halloween. All Hallows’ Eve. It is right around the corner, and as it gets closer, the anticipation is building for children and parents alike. Children are excited to dress up, to see their friends’ costumes, to attend Halloween-themed events, and most importantly to score some treats!

Speaking of treats, Jimmy Kimmel famously compiled videos of parents telling their children they ate all of their Halloween candy. The parents were joking, of course, but The Research Moms have the data to prove that moms do in fact sneak some of their children’s Halloween treats. Nearly three-quarters (72%) of our moms surveyed admitted to this, and that number jumps to 79% among moms with kids age 4 and younger.

Moms and treats

In addition to anticipating some treats, moms are also preparing their children’s costumes. Some are putting the finishing touches on homemade costumes, others are making sure that the costumes they have fit just right, and still others may be scrambling to purchase – or make – something last minute.

The Research Moms asked our sample of moms which kind of costume their children were most likely to wear, and found that children who dress up for Halloween are most likely to wear a store-bought costume.  Two thirds of moms whose children dress up for Halloween head to the store, compared to the 22% who said their children are likely to wear a creative homemade costume. Another 10% said they’d use a hand-me-down from someone else for their child while just 2% would go the route of a quick no-frills homemade costume.  Interestingly, stay-at-home moms are more likely (71%) to purchase a store-bought costume, and working moms are more likely (23%) to say their children will wear a creative homemade costume.  Children of working moms are also more likely to wear a hand-me-down (12%).

So, moms: get out to the store and buy that costume, or work to finish up that homemade costume masterpiece, and in a few days you can kick back and enjoy that hard-earned piece of Halloween candy (and maybe let the kids enjoy some, too).


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