More Kindle Musings

Additions to my collection of “Ways the Kindle Changes the Reading Experience”:
* I don’t know why but I’ve always been the kind of person who is reading multiple books simultaneously. If you share this oddity — the Kindle makes it vastly easier to pull off the juggling act. You just switch back and forth among the books…and of course this advantage is magnified when traveling.
* I mentioned to a friend that I was reading a book about a topic he is deeply involved in. He said to me: “Oh! You’ll see my name on page 268 of that book!” Uh….no I won’t. I’ll have to let him know what ‘location’ he is in in the new Kindle-world — there is no such thing as a ‘page number’ on the Kindle.
* I now know at any given time what percentage of the way through I book I have achieved. While I had often loosely calculated (e.g. “I’m about 40% done”) now I know down to the number. I kind of like it. I’m trying to read in “percentage blocks” — 10% of a book per day or what have you.
As of our study from January this year, 25% of the American public ages 12+ had heard of the Kindle or Sony Reader, and only 1.1% of respondents owned one. It will be fascinating to get our next results, as awareness has surely exploded and ownership must be up significantly as well.

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