The Infinite Dial® Reports · February 19, 2015

Monthly Podcast Listeners Grow To 46 Million Americans 12+

By Edison Research

2015 Monthly Podcast Listening


In our upcoming 2015 edition of The Infinite Dial, we will be featuring an expanded section on Podcasting, a medium that we have been researching in this series for a decade. This year we are able to report that the percentage of Americans 12+ who have listened to at least one podcast in the past month has risen from 15% to 17%, or an estimated 46 million people.

These and other new insights on media, technology, and consumer behavior will be unveiled on March 4th, when The Infinite Dial 2015 webcast premieres, co-hosted by Tom Webster from Edison Research and Mike Agovino from Triton Digital.

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How the Study was Conducted

A total of 2002 persons were interviewed to explore Americans’ use of digital platforms and new media. From January 6 to February 9, 2015, telephone interviews were conducted with respondents age 12 and older who were selected via Random Digit Dial (RDD) sampling. The study includes a total of 900 cell phone interviews. Interviews were conducted in English or Spanish as appropriate.

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