Moms and Media · November 27, 2018

Moms on the Mother Load: New Survey Results

By edison

Click here to register for our webinar with complete results from the new study, Moms on the Mother Load, this Thursday, November 29 at 2pm EST. 

This past August, Edison Research conducted an online national survey of 516 moms of children age 21 and under and asked them to indicate who does what in their household, how they feel about their responsibilities, and how much confidence they have in their child’s other parent to handle these tasks.

The survey covers not just the workload of parenting and home responsibilities but also the mental load that is required to manage a household. From planning birthday parties to making doctor appointments, find out what U.S. moms say they are responsible for, what their co-parents are responsible for, and how they feel they are handling it all.


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