Moms and Media · May 11, 2023

Moms and Media 2023

By Edison Research

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Tech savvy Moms have adopted more of their favorite devices as well as some new ones, as they continue to exhibit incredibly strong digital habits, according to this year’s Moms and Media 2023 report.

The latest installment of the annual report combines data from the Infinite Dial series from Edison Research and sponsored by Amazon Music, Wondery and ART19, with data from an additional online survey of moms. This Moms and Media 2023 report highlights device ownership and media consumption among Moms in the United States, now with the pandemic at-home lifestyle firmly in the rearview.   In addition, from the recent online supplemental survey, Moms and Media spotlights some key questions about children and social media.

Moms self-reported using the internet daily for 15 minutes more than they did in 2022, for a total of four hours and 15 minutes.

What helps to drive that daily internet usage number is the ability to access the internet seamlessly from the smartphone.  In 2023, nearly all Moms are doing just that, with 90% saying they access the internet from their cell phone.



Wireless headphones and earphones are devices that caught on with Moms during the pandemic but have shown their value and continue to gain ground.  This year, 71% of Moms report owning these, which also helps facilitate their daily internet usage when audio is involved and privacy is needed.



Another tech device that is small but mighty and getting traction with Moms in 2023 is the Smart Watch.   This year, 37% of Moms report owning one, which include examples like the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear.



We saw half of Moms report owning a smart speaker in 2022 and while that 50% is holding for 2023, we see those Moms owning many.   63% of Moms say they have more than one in their household, with 36% owning four or more this year.


Social media engagement has been a staple for moms over the years and they typically choose Facebook as the one they use the most.  In our 2023 report, the same is true albeit the number of social media moms saying such has decreased to 54%.  TikTok however is raging in the opposite direction, with 19% of social media moms saying they use that site the most, compared to the meager 6% we saw in the 2022 report.

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